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tamil nadu plus one Accountancy BOOK DOWNLOAD | tamil nadu plus one Accountancy Accountancy - DOWNLOAD ENGLISH (PDF FORMAT) Accountancy - DOWNLOAD · ALL SCHOOL BOOKS - 11TH BOOKS ONLY. How can I download a PDF of accounts book of the class 11th chapter cash in Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telgu -. 10th, 11th and 12th Standard Text Books Download, 12th New Syllabus 11th Accountancy Text Book - Tamil Medium: Volume 1 / Volume 2 | English.

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Accounting principles: Accounting entity, money measurement, accounting period, full disclosure, materiality, prudence, cost concept, matching concept and dual aspect. Double entry system.

Basis of accounting-cash basis and accrual basis.

Unit 3: Recording of Transactions- Periods 18 Accounting equation: Analysis of transactions using accounting equation. Rules of debit and credit: For assets, liabilities, capital, revenue and expenses.

Books of original entry: Format and recording-Journal. Cash book: Simple, cash book with bank column, petty cash book Other books: downloads book, sales book, downloads returns book, sales returns book, bills receivable book, bills payable book and journal proper.

Unit 4: Preparation of Ledger, Trial Balance and Bank Reconciliation Statement- Periods 18 Ledger-format, posting from journal, cash book and other special purpose books, balancing of accounts.

Trial balance: Objectives and preparation Bank reconciliation statement: Need and preparation. Corrected cash book balance.

Provisions and reserves: Concept, objectives and difference between provisions and reserves; types of reserves-revenue reserve, capital reserve, general reserve, specific reserves and secret reserves. Unit 6: Accounting for Bills of Exchange- Periods 16 Bills of exchange and promissory note: Definition, features, parties, specimen and distinction.

Important terms: Term of bill, due date, days of grace, date of maturity, bill at sight, bill after date, discounting of bill, endorsement of bill, bill sent for collection, dishonor of bill, noting of bill, retirement and renewal of a bill, insolvency of acceptor.For example, a computer by feeding a particular software can be used to prepare pay-roll, whereas by feeding a second software it can be used to prepare accounts, by feeding a third software it can be used for inventory control and so on.

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The general journal entry is then latter entered in the appropriate general ledger accounts , with a date and possibly a back reference to the journal page, and forward references in the journal entry to the ledger account ID numbers to indicate posting from the general journal to the general ledger of accounts.

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