It's a metaphor. We, the authors of Digging Into WordPress, eat our own dog food. We aren't just here to click on one (PDF people) or enter one into a browser. download of Digging Into WordPress gets you free updates for the life of the book, You'll also get the supplemental PDF packed with sweet tips and tricks. Digging Into WordPress archive containing 3 posts tagged as 'pdf'.

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We, the authors of Digging Into WordPress, eat our own dog food. We aren't just he click on one (PDF people) or enter one into a browser. (Book people), you. In addition to the PDF, a printed version of Digging into WordPress will also be available sometime in the near future. Everyone who downloads the PDF version . When we first released the book Digging Into WordPress, we thought of some When you download this book, you get PDF updates to it for life.

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Thanks Paul. It was definitely a lot of work and still is , but having a passion for WordPress makes it all worthwhile. Hopefully it will help a lot of people get the most out of WordPress. Congrats to you and Chris!! I was so excited to see it was ready and I got my copy yesterday.

Now to actually start reading it: Does anyone know how much it would cost to print the book myself at fedex and kinkos. Bought it as soon as it came out! Congratulations for a great book. Not sure, but we are working on a print version that should be available by the end of next month. And, PDF customers get a discount! Thanks for the tremendous feedback!

Take your WordPress skills to the next level.

We added your quote to our growing DiW Testimonials page. Thank you! Thank you very much. Absolute favorite?

Latest version features new lookup API, data caching, and be… twitter. This site relies on JavaScript for complete functionality.

Please visit with a JavaScript-enabled browser to enjoy all features. Lifetime Subscription All DiW customers automatically get a lifetime subscription to all future updates and new versions of the book. Affiliate Program To help promote the book, we are also providing an affiliate program.

Thank You Thanks in advance to anybody who picks up a copy. Packed with yummy WordPress goodness! Passionate about free and open Web.

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Jeff Starr — November 11, 9: Thank you for the book review! Aldo — November 11, Jeff Starr — November 11, 1: Kim Woodbridge — November 11, 1: Jeff Starr — November 11, 3: Thanks Kim! I hope you enjoy the book: WordPress 3.

This is the biggest one yet. We've combed through the entire book updating anything that was out of date or stale. We've also added a new Chapter 12, which is specific to the 3. The book is also sportin a brand new front and back cover!

If you already own our book in any form, this is old news, because we've already sent out an update email containing your new download. If you are considering it, but want to know more, you should check out the PDF sample of the book.

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Regarding print version of the book, yes, they are coming back! It's going to take us about a month to have them ready. If you'd rather not wait, you can download the PDF now, and when the print version is ready forward us your receipt.This is a PDF version of the book for now.

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All Rights Reserved. Chris Coyier. Everything you need to master WordPress, from first steps all the way through optimizing, securing, and customizing your site.

Everything IT requires and Developers love. About to download this myself also, will be my 5th book this week on CSS and WP, my wife is gonna kill me!

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