This biennial publication details the U.S. Army's major weapon systems and equipment PEO Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives .. The Army's Weapon Systems Handbook presents many of the acquisition programs Weapons: Hosts M, M, M2 or MK; mm mortar. The Upgraded Military Weapons and Military Equipments. SIBU.C.M. Department of Electrical and Electronics engineering, Nehru Institute of Engineering.

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After the war, Zastava arms continued production and today it military guns catalogue index. All the rights to information and pictures in this catalogue belong . This information booklet provides definitions for a number of military words, grouped into these categories: • Kinds of Soldiers. • Army Ranks. • Army Weapons. adopted in by an International Military Commission. The Declaration addresses the development of future weapons in these terms: The Contracting or .

Guilmartin General considerations In the remote past, the diffusion of military technology was gradual and uneven. There were several reasons for this. First, transport was slow and its capacity small. Second, the technology of agriculture was no more advanced than that of war, so that, with most of their energy devoted to feeding themselves and with little economic surplus, people had few resources available for specialized military technology.

Low economic development meant that even the benefits of conquest would not pay off a heavy investment in weaponry. Third, and most important, the absolute level of technological development was low. A heavy dependence on human muscle was the principal cause and a major effect of this low level of development. With human ingenuity bound by the constraints of the human body , both technology and tactics were heavily shaped by geography, climate, and topography.

The importance of geographic and topographic factors, along with limited means of communication and transportation , meant that separate geographic regions tended to develop unique military technologies. Such areas are called military ecospheres. The boundaries of a military ecosphere might be physical barriers, such as oceans or mountain ranges; they might also be changes in the military topography, that combination of terrain, vegetation, and man-made features that could render a particular technology or tactic effective or ineffective.

Until the late 15th century ce, when advances in transportation technology broke down the barriers between them, the world contained a number of military ecospheres. In this context , Europe includes all of the Mediterranean basin and the watershed of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

With the appearance of the horse archer in late antiquity, the Eurasian Steppe became a well-defined military ecosphere as well. Those ecospheres with the most enduring impact on the technology of war were the European and Chinese. Though Japan possessed a distinctive, coherent , and effective military technology, it had little influence on developments elsewhere.

India—Southeast Asia and Mesoamerica developed technologies that were well adapted to local conditions, but they were not particularly advanced. Sub-machine gun. SAF Carbine 1A. To be replaced by the MSMC. In service.

For use by Special Forces. Micro-Uzi variant used. Used by Ghatak special forces [3]. Personal defense weapon. Used by Special Protection Group. Standard Special Forces assault rifle. Soviet Union. On Order. SIG Patrol G2. United States. Dragunov SVD. To be replaced by a 7. South Africa. Light Machine Gun. General-purpose machine gun. General purpose machine gun. M2HB variant in service, used in small numbers. Manufactured at Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli, used in small numbers.

Modern Sub Machine Carbine. Standard grenade of the Indian Army. This modular grenade is available in Hand mode offensive, hand mode defensive and rifle mode. Types can be interchanged by changing outer sleeve. Semiautomatic six shot 40mm x 46mm low velocity grenade launcher. Manufactured at Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli. Automatic grenade launcher 30mm. Standard automatic grenade launcher, used as fire support weapon in infantry formations. In use with the infantry units.

OFB E1 mm. Tata Safari Storme 4x4. Light Utility Vehicle. To replace Maruti Gypsy. Additional 4, ordered in October Ordered in May [15] [16]. Fast attack vehicle. In service from Manufactured by Vehicle Factory Jabalpur. BEML Tatra.

License produced Tatra Force heavy truck. Various models. Unknown numbers.

Military equipment of Israel

Deployed at the Indo-Chinese Border [21]. Armoured vehicle-launched bridge. Based on a Vijayanta chassis and manufactured by Heavy Vehicles Factory. BMP-2 with turret removed and bulldozer blade and other engineering equipment added and being manufactured at Ordnance Factory Medak. FV Combat Engineer Tractor. United Kingdom. Manufactured at Vehicle Factory Jabalpur. Yuktirath Light Recovery Vehicle. Manufactured at Ordnance Factory Medak. Mounted on Tatra vehicle with automated laying and recovery has been developed for providing mobility in sandy and marshy terrain.

Armoured recovery vehicle. Casspir [27]. Armoured personnel carrier. Based on Indian T Tank. OFB India.


Bomb disposal robot. The Army has placed orders for Dakshs. In service Mk1. Total of Mark 2 to be built by Heavy Vehicles Factory. Arjun MBT Mk. II to be fielded by TS "Bhishma" TM. Initially contract for "TS" signed in Rs10,crore download of new TMS tanks for six tank regiments for the China border has been approved.

In an effort to improve night-fighting capacity, night vision devices for drivers are to be procured. They are based on uncooled thermal imaging technology developed by DRDO. T Ajeya Combat Improved Ajeya.

Manufactured locally in India. Will be replaced by Future Ready Combat Vehicle. Infantry fighting vehicle.

To enhance the rate to a year. Armoured Personnel Carrier. Under development. Expected to be ready by BMP-2 based Nag missile carrier. Advanced version on order after successful trial in July BMP-2 based mortar carrier.

CRBN Reconnaissance vehicle. Vehicle [49]. Bulletproof vehicle with composite armour which offers protection against 7. Dhanush Howitzer. In Service Six artillery pieces delivered to the Army for user trials in July with guns in total on order. Undergoing user trials.

Entering service. To be replaced in near future by Dhanush Howitzer. Self-propelled artillery. Multiple rocket launcher. Will be replaced by Pinaka mk3.

Pinaka MBRL. Anti-tank guided missile. Range 2.

Under Development Developed By It will be completed in two years. And will replace majority of Anti-tank missile in Indian Army.

Military technology

Man portable and downloadd from France [65]. Air launched Anti-tank missile. In development.

It has been tested on July 12, Cannon-launched guided projectile. Nirbhay with BrahMos seeker was planned to be launched in December.

Tactical ballistic missile. Short-range ballistic missile. Medium-range ballistic missile. Intermediate-range ballistic missile. Intercontinental ballistic missile. Inducted in Tested in April and September All successful launches [71].

Ballistic missile defence system Surface-to-air missile. It can be also used as Anti-aircraft missile. Under Development Ready By Advance Air Defence.

Surface-to-air missile Ballistic missile defence system. Mobile surface-to-air missile system. Order includes 5 battalions, consisting of Transporter Erector Launchers TELs , missiles and fire control radar, deliveries starting Surface-to-air missile.

Medium Range Surface to Air Missile. Indigenous surface-to-air missile to replace SA6. Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile.This distance also means that we spend too much money on the military and we spend it stupidly, thereby shortchanging many of the functions that make the most difference to the welfare of the troops and their success in combat. Tata Safari Storme 4x4. BEML Tatra. Skip to main content.

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Trials of missile firing to be held in mid The collective achievement of the military was heroic, but its members and leaders were still real people, with all the foibles of real life.