THE CONNECTED COMPANY “Management book of the year. Mandatory reading for any incumbent wanting to have a chance in the hyperconnected economy. The Connected Company. How Distributed Organism Businesses are Rising Against the Machine to Build a More Connected World. Dave Gray. Get Free Read & Download Files The Connected Company Dave Gray PDF THE CONNECTED COMPANY DAVE GRAY - In this site isn`t the same as a.

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READ|Download [PDF] The Connected Company Download by - Dave Gray ONLINE ebook free trial Get now. Download Read The Connected Company (Dave Gray) PDF Free PDF Free Donwload Here The. Connected, communicating customers and employees have more tive, what it meant for the future of the company as well as what it said.

The transaction contemplated under the Services Agreement shall constitute a connected transaction for the Company and is subject to the reporting and announcement requirements, but is exempt from the independent shareholders' approval requirement under Chapter 14A of the Listing Rules. As at the date of this announcement, the executive Directors are Mr.

Gregg H. Smith Chief Executive Officer , Mr. Luo Ning, Mr.

Jin Wei, Mr. Chu Hon Pong, Mr. Liu Tsun Kie and Mr. It requires a new way of thinking about your company: Connected companies have the advantage, because they learn and move faster than their competitors. While others work in isolation, they link into rich networks of possibility and expand their influence. Connected companies around the world are aggressively acquiring customers and disrupting the competition.

In The Connected Company, we examine what they re doing, how they re doing it, and why it works. And we show you how your company can use the same principles to adapt - and thrive - in today s ever-changing global marketplace.

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Embed Size px. Start on. If a company is to be able to learn and adapt, the individuals who make up the company must be fully conscious of its purpose I the 2ob they are doing for customers. A companys purpose often includes not 2ust a 2ob to be done but a way of doing it. Connected companies get feed ack from customers. Therefore the most important feed ack is feed ack from customers. Customers come to you with a purpose1 they have a 2ob they need to do, and they want you to help them do it.

It s a quality product. Customers often dont want services to be delivered consistently. They want customi"ation, services that are personali"ed to them. If you want customers to help you measure quality, you will need their help. If you want customers to serve as quality inspectors, they will need to agree to enter into that relationship with you. And for the most part, customers who like your service are willing to get involved to help you make it better.


Actually the customers who hate your service are also often willing to chime in, if they think youre listening. Its the people in the middle, who really dont care one way or the other, that probably wont get actively involved.

Connected companies e'periment. When the environment is varia le with many unknowns, it is impossi le to know in advance what kind of performance will e needed or what kind of learning will occur.

At 0outhwest Airlines, employees are e pected to act immediately to take care of customers, and only to check with a supervisor if a customer asks for something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

At 6ordstrom, employees are told to use their best 2udgment in all situations. To the degree that your business environment is uncertain and variable, its impossible to know in advance what kinds of actions will constitute good performance. There is no way to specify behaviors in advance when you dont know what kind of behavior will be required.


Creative solutions must be generated by people thinking creatively within the conte t of their situation. In The 6ordstrom! And 6ordstrom management is willing to live with those decisions. The good news is that a lot of the pro lems of addressing comple'ity and change have already een solved. They have een solved y the very same people who started all the comple'ity pro lems in the first place1 technologists.

They solved these pro lems ecause they had to. Technologists started wrangling with comple ity before anyone else. The other, called service orientation, is more focused on how bits of work are connected to other bits.

These approaches function like comple adaptive systems, where the parts of the system can learn, adapt and coevolve like a biological community.

Connected companies are not hierarchies, where the parts are fractured into unthinking, functional parts, ut holarchies1 comple' systems where each part is also a fully-functional whole in its own right. In a divisional organi"ation, the kind we are all familiar with, you divide the labor into functions and specialties. As you continue to divide an organi"ation in this way, you increase efficiency, but as a side effect you also disconnect the people from the overall purpose of the business.

In a podular organi"ation, you divide labor into businesses within the business,A each of which can function as a complete service in its own right. A podular approach allows a large company to act as if it were a flock or swarm of small companies8 it gives the whole a level of fle ibility and adaptiveness that would never be possible in a divisional organi"ation.

The core uilding lock of a podular organization is the pod1 a small, autonomous unit that is authorized to represent the company and deliver results to customers. There is no way for people to respond and adapt quickly if they have to get permission before they can do anything. Traditionally, its been the 2ob of managers to coordinate activity across divisions or lines of business, because processes are usually comple and interdependent.

Dike any other strategic decision, the choice to go podular involves inherent risks and tradeoffs. A podular system is certainly not the most efficient or consistent way to conduct business. There is more redundancy in this kind of system, which usually means greater cost. The bet you are making with a podular strategy is that the increase in value to customers, paired with increased resiliency in your operations, will more than offset the increases in costs.

In an age where passion and creativity is increasingly important, we need to take another look at organi"ational forms that play to natural human strengths, like ingenuity, curiosity, and the 2oy of making a clear and recogni"able impact on the world.

A platform is a support structure that increases the effectiveness of a community. Dike local swap meets, e ay and Craigslist provide platforms for people to download and sell used goods or unique items. The internet is another public platform. A network of pods is a form of distributed intelligence, a massive parallel processing system. As pods are out in the field, interacting with customers in different conte ts and environments, a shared platform allows them to compare their e periences, learn together and keep track of information they all need to do their work.

Connected companies grow and learn over time. All learning and improvement begins with action. Action leads to feedback and discovery8 in this case, you discover that the action led to pain, burning, discomfort. The same process is at work in all learning and at all levels, from a child learning to walk to a scientist e ploring the laws of the universe, to a company learning to better serve its customers. If you think of the connected company as a living organism, then learning happens as ongoing activity gradually transforms into knowledge and e perience.

The individuals who make up the company are its senses, and their learning e periences are based on the companys actions in the world. Connected companies are networks that live within other networks. To e effective in a networked world re. In hierarchical business systems, control nodes3managers and e ecutives3gain power from their betweenness1 they are the critical bridges that connect the top of the hierarchy with the bottom.

This is the power of the gatekeeper. As a result, power in networks is more evenly distributed and control more limited than in traditional hierarchical organi"ations.

The e ercise of power in such distributed systems requires an entirely different approach than traditional management, planning and control. The greatest power in a network is the degree to which a node can influence or control the platforms and standards that set the rules for connection. Connected companies are living, learning networks that live within larger networks.

Deaders must create an environment of clarity, trust and shared purpose, while management focuses on designing and tuning the system that supports learning and performance.

An emergent approach to strategy requires a large and diverse pool of ideas.

Companies are made up of people, and people are the fundamental building blocks of leadership. If you attract and hire good people in the first place, half of your leadership problems are solved right out of the gate. And good people manage themselves for the most part. The better your people, the better your performance will be. A system of distributed control is a fertile ground within which leaders will naturally develop. Ai Hohn oyd said, 4eople, not weapons, win wars.

Too cold and the company sinks into rigid ureaucracy.

Too hot and the company reaks apart into anarchy and chaos. Assuming that leaders have effectively focused the company on doing the right things, managements 2ob is the design and operation of the system that supports the work.

In an earlier, industrial era, the keywords were organi"e and superviseA but in a connected company, the focus is on support. Think of your company as a system, where individuals and groups are organi"ed in order to do work.Bad profits come at the expense of happy customers and long-term sustainable growth.

But you might be further away from other people in your company.

Want to connect? we Love that.

The more drugs and devices that come in to the system for approval, the fewer the FDA can actually look at in detail. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6, friends.

At that point, there are still two possible outcomes. A car is the manifestation of years of learning, accumulated through research, crash testing, metallurgy, electrical engineering, design, and a score of other disciplines, including good old trial and error.