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GST GENERAL AFRICAN STUDIES (KEY POINTS WITH QUESTIONS). COURSE OUTLINE. ➢ Traditional Medicine in Africa. Dr. Samuel Adejoh. ➢ Culture. GST NIGERIA PEOPLE AND CULTURE How easy reading concept can improve to be an effective person? GST NIGERIA PEOPLE AND CULTURE. GST Peace and Conflict Resolution. Lecture Note: Perspectives on peace and causes of conflicts. Lecturers: Mr Ademowo. Perspectives of Peace.

Among the Tiv, he is known as Aondo while the Rukuba call him Katakuru.


The Nupe call him Soko. He is known as Agwatana among the Busa. He is called Owo or Owoico among the Idoma.

The Kadara call him Onum. The Igala, the Jukun and the Tiv are well known for their strong belief in witchcraft, magic and sorcery. It is recorded that the political significance of the groups aforementioned derives from their powerful attachment to ritual and magic. What is the reversed form of sororal d. Mon of the above polygyny? What percentage of population in Africa a. Fraternal polyandry b. Sororal polygyny c. Concurrent Sororate WHO? According to the Marxian evolution of the family, what type of family replaced the Traditional healer makes use of all the consanguine family?

Hunting and Gathering groups b. Vegetables b.

Animal c. Mineral substances pairing family c. The modern family d. The d. Drugs Punaluan family When traditional medicine is adopted What form of descent suits uxorilocal outside its original setting or culture, it is called residence? Adopted herbs b. Folk medicines c. Patrilineal descent b.

Matrilineal descent c. Complementary and alternative medicines d.

Bilineal descent d. Adoption descent Imported herbs In terms of traditional economic activities, Oyebola classified traditional healers which of these peoples is different from the rest? Ewe b. Luo c. Gun d. Temne a. There are four major groups of healers in rest of Africa was that these areas of Africa was South Africa. True b. False c.

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None of a. Congo River Basin b. Great Rift Valley c. Arabian Sea How many groups of healers are in The longest river is: Tanzania? Nile river b. River Niger c. River Volta d. Which of the following is not a reason why Most of the highlands and mountains are people still use traditional medicine?

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Activities: a. Perceived to be holistic b. Rise in chronic a. Volcanic b. Plutonic c. Human and diseases without cure c. Side effects of economic d. Hurricane orthodox medicine d.

None of the above The chief river of Western Africa is ………… Which of the following is not a merit of Africa traditional medicine? The Niger b. The orange c. The Zambezi d. The Limpopo a. Readily available and accessible b. Patients feel more comfortable with traditional healers In the deserts themselves, rainfall is c. May require immediate payment d. Very low b.

Very extreme c. Inconsistence Which date is observed as the African d. Not experience at all traditional medicine in all countries of Africa? Temperature grassland or veld b.

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Savannah most populous continent c. Mediterranean woodland d. Tropical rain forest a. Largest b. Second Largest c.

Smallest d. Second smallest In many parts of Africa colonialism led to economic development that generally advanced The Sahara Desert is ……………… ……………… objectives, which were not necessarily suited to the needs of Africa itself: a.

Over About 7. American b. European c. Traditional rulers About 5. Asian One reason the cultures of North Africa developed differently from the cultures of the Page 24 The discovery of diamonds in southern All of the following concepts are often used Africa in the ………….

Late 18th b. Early 19th c.

Late 19th d. Early a. Social evolution b. Progress c. Growth d. In the early 21st century, Africa saw the Telephone believes every human society must evolve from market in the world: homogenous stage of development to a heterogeneous stage a. Nokia b. Cellular c. Blackberry a. Diffusion b. Acculturation c. Adaptation Is the author, who defined social d. Evolution change as a significant alteration in the social structure and cultural patterns of society Man a.

Charles Harper b. Steven Vago c. Amital a. While in Daura, he helped to kill a snake, which had for a long time prevented the people from taking water from a well.

According to the legend, the queen of Daura was very impressed and decided to marry him. They later had a son named Bawo. He always works with a retinue of officials in a well-organized court.

He was also the chief executive and judge of the State, but he was aided by a council of state. At the district level, the government was modeled after that at the national level. You should also know that between 14 th and 15 th centuries, the socio-political organization of Hausa States took another shape. For instance, Islam was adopted and this gave birth to many new political institutions such as the offices of the Galadima, Madawaki, Magaji, Dogari, Yari Sarki and Sarki Yau.History also tells us that the seven original Hausa states of Daura.

The following constitute a tangible element of When you need help. What is the reversed form of sororal d. For instance. Social classical definition of culture is: harmony d. In other words.