PDF | Mobile number portability allows a mobile subscriber to switch operators without changing his/her telephone number. This article describes and analyzes . PDF | This paper examines the consequences of introducing mobile number portability (MNP). We show that if the sole effect of introducing. ment of switching costs, MNP benefits mobile customers. However Mobile number portability (MNP) requires that mobile telephone customers can keep.

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change the process of porting mobile numbers in the UK. .. update the ECC Report 31 “Implementation of Mobile Number Portability in CEPT Countries”. The task was carried out by the ERO in summer. MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR NETWORK SERVICE PROVIDERS Authors: Dr. Darshana Dave 1 and Mr.

This is also known as "indirect routing" and is highly inefficient as it is wasteful of transmission and switching capacity. Because of its donor dependent nature, indirect routing also means that if the donor network develops a fault or goes out of business, the customers who have ported numbers out of that network will lose incoming calls to their numbers.

On 17 July , Ofcom released its conclusions from the review of the UK MNP and mandated reduction of porting time to 2 working days effective 1 April On 29 November , Ofcom completed a round of consultations on further reduction of porting time to 2 hours along with recipient-led porting and mandated that near-instant no more than 2 hours recipient-led porting be implemented by no later than 1 September On 8 July , Ofcom issued a final statement, retaining the donor-led process, mandating a two-hour PAC release time, and reducing the porting time from two to one working day.

Number lookup services Service providers and carriers who route messages and voice calls to MNP-enabled countries might use home location register HLR query services to find out the correct network of a mobile phone number. A number of such services exist, which query the operator's HLR over the SS7 signalling network in order to determine the current network of a specified mobile phone number prior to attempted routing of messaging or voice traffic.

Impact of MNP on mobile carriers and customers MNP map by implementation time MNP is important for telecoms markets because it removes a bar to switching that keeps those with much equity in the number — in particular many business users — prisoner behind a high switching barrier. The reduction in barriers to switching is of particular benefit to challenger carriers against dominant incumbents.

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Agyekum et al. This In order for the implemented MNP Policy to serve as a enables the network to function under failing conditions of the model for other countries in the Sub-Region to emulate, the main server. Furthermore, the centralized server is just a rack whole architecture of the porting process implemented in of computer servers in a data center of Porting Access, where Ghana needs to been analyzed and evaluated.

This paper the database of ported numbers is stored and synchronized discusses the implemented MNP Network topology and the regularly with all the network operators in the country.

This relevance of the porting duration in sustaining subscriber helps to reduce immensely the porting duration. This follows after a team consisting of NCA and all five mobile networks at that time made their evaluation in a transparent manner as bids were received from nine companies for the centralized Porting equipment.

By February , PXS had commissioned the central system and by the end of June , all mobile operators tested their systems with PXS and between each other and most were ready for the implementation. Mobile Number Portability was thus launched successfully in Ghana on 7th July, If the time to port is too long, subscribers will be put-off using the service.

For Fig. Topology of the implemented MNP model in Ghana subscribers, 2 days time-to-port is too long [6].

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Studies have shown that the porting duration is very important [13]. Reducing the porting time increases the cost of MNP implementation. For instance, the cost of porting a number in Irish system is far more than other implementations and almost five times more expensive than porting cost in Hong Kong [4].

Speeds of porting and porting time depend on two factors: Porting Systems Architecture and the willingness of networks to speed up the porting process [14].

Ghana has adapted the Central Server configuration system where the entire network operators are connected and synchronized regularly with the centralized server.

Mobile Number Portability

The Central Server configuration helps reduce the porting time considerably [1]. Each operator is required to maintain redundant connections to the network as shown in Figure 1, providing adequate redundancy for the network.

Furthermore, PXS Fig. The regulator is therefore able to do The market share of the six communication service performance analysis in order to help guide all the participants operators as at July has been summarized in Table 1. At to solve problems and make determinations whenever there is the end of the first year of MNP in Ghana, July 6 , a dispute between participants.

This NCA admits that there have been few interruptions of the represents approximately 1. On few occasions, individual operators have numbers in the market, a figure reasonably comparable to had connection or request processing disruption, but these are European markets where MNP is considered successful [3].

Each of the mobile networks in Ghana had gained and lost It is also worthwhile to note that since routing information customers through MNP.

MTN 9,, By GLO , 1. As of the end of satisfaction with the process and the choice they made. Average from one mobile service provider to another whilst retaining porting speeds in the 7 - 8 minute range have now been their mobile number [15].

Mobile number portability

However SP-A upon getting the instructions from Central agency need to finish the portability in one hour. In case, the customer wants to cancel the request, she can do it within 24 hours from applying.

In that case, she can't reclaim the dipping charge. Once into the new SP-B, the customer cann't move out and retain the number at the same time for the next three months. The entire process may take more than 2 days to a maximum of 4 days.

It is widely recognized that the current method of allocating NPA-NXXs in blocks of 10, is inefficient and contributing to shortages of numbering resources. In an effort to find a more efficient method of allocation, FCC had approved a National Number Pooling plan for network resource optimization.

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Number pooling is defined as the ability to share an NPA-NXX among several facilities-based carriers within the same rate center. The concept of pooling is based on the fact that whole blocks of telephone numbers, held by some service providers, are not assigned or in service.

Pooling allows these currently unassigned blocks of numbers to be reassigned to other service providers in need of numbers, as they request and show need. With pooling, service providers can maintain a small supply of numbers for expected subscriber assignment.

As that supply depletes, service providers will request additional numbering resources from the industry inventory maintained by the Pooling Administrator. When a "pooled" block of numbers is transferred from one service provider to another, there is some critical information that needs to be broadcast across the region to ensure effective data provisioning for call routing.

To facilitate the broadcasting of "pooled" blocks and associated routing data, the Location Routing Method, the same platform used for LNP could be used for implementation of national number pooling.

This method of resource allocation allows NXXs within a given NPA to be shared among entities that offer service to subscribers within a defined geographic area rate center.

Specifically, it allows the assignment of numbers to competitive service providers in blocks of The carrier-to-SOA connection may be custom-designed to interface with existing carrier order entry systems.The local service management system is a fault-tolerant hardware and software platform that contains the database of information required to enable routing and call completion to ported telephone numbers.

Remaining variables are not significantly related with variable Willingness to change current Mobile Service Provider. No central database is consulted.

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Then mail to us immediately to get the full report. Once into the new SP-B, the customer cann't move out and retain the number at the same time for the next three months. Darshana Dave 1 and Mr. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

It was found that switching barriers such as switching cost and other hidden costs were perceived high by the subscribers.