LAPSSET corridor project to the attention of the United Nations Permanent Forum on The LAPSSET Corridor project, a major infrastructure development http :// LAPSSET CORRIDOR PROJECT: PROFILE. PROJECT COMPONENTS. 1 Lamu Port. 2 Railway Line. 3 Highway. 4 Crude Oil Pipeline. Product Pipeline. The LAPSSET Corridor. Program is a regional flagship project intended to provide transport and logistics infrastructure aimed at creating seamless connectivity.

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Ethiopia Transport Corridor (LAPSSET), a flagship. Rift Valley Institute Meeting Report. Nairobi Forum, 4 October Key points. • The LAPSSET project has. PDF | This dissertation investigates the synergies and tensions of The results indicate that LAPSSET corridor project can provide pastoral. The LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority (LCDA) is Project LAPSSET is already under implementation with construction of three berths at /emimi/sites /default/files/

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Although Kenya has her traditional investors such as America, Japan and Europe, Chinese investors have increased in large numbers since The theoretic background underpinning the FDI is presented by Dunning whose work is related to internalisation theory, identifies four basic economic motivations for firms or companies to enter a foreign market. Buckley et al provide a good overview of the Dunning mentioned forms of FDI, stating that market-seeking FDI is undertaken by firms who are particularly keen to open up their good and services to export markets, but more particularly gain access to market that are showing signs of economic growth.


Resource-seeking FDI takes place when firms seek to acquire or gain control of resources that are either not available or are in short supply in their domestic markets. Buckley et al indicated by the significant investments made by CFDI in countries with significant energy, oil, minerals and other raw materials.

Efficiency- seeking FDI takes place when firms seek to reduce the cost of their operations and is commonly linked with firms from developed countries locating in developing countries to 10 take advantage of low cost labour. Given the China's competitive advantage in attracting investors has always been associated with efficiency-seeking, it's unlikely that Chinese firms undertake FDI for efficiency seeking. There are several factors in Kenya that influence the Chinese firms investing in Kenya.

The factors include; 2.

Interview: The Downside of Kenya’s Massive Development Project

Infrastructure development has facilitated the movements of commodities within the regions. The Kenyan capital acts as the financial centre for the larger East Africa, with better developed facilities that enhances trade in the region.

The Chinese policy of political non-interference increases their chance of investing in Africa. CFDI practice what is known as "coopetition" simultaneous competition and cooperation with global players both at home and in the host country. These ties with rivals sit well with the yin-yang philosophy that is so deeply rooted in Chinese culture: the yin cooperation and the yang competition can be seen as two mutually complementary sides of the same coin Luo and Tung, Chinese firms investing in Kenya get comparative advantages, based on the location, due to lower factor costs, lower trade costs among others, so they can be said to be resource based investments due to resource availability.

The Chinese interest in Kenya has also extended to mining and mineral exploration meaning that the sino-kenyan relationship is due to availability of resources in the East-African region. China's presence in Africa also involves a broad range of private-sector actors, including multinationals, small businesses, traders, and migrants, as well as Chinese local governments, which at times act directly, mainly through the firms they own Chen and Jian, While CFDI in Africa is likely to continue to be linked to trade, Kaminski and Morris consider that future CFDI will focus more on the private sector and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs in areas such as telecommunication, business services and manufactured goods cf.

Fishermen have raised concerns about this and faced physical attacks by police when they protested on the street. The activists stepped in and took fishermen to police to report this. They keep going back to the police station to check if there are investigations following their reports. Some people who spoke out against the project have disappeared, one is believed to have been killed.

One activist who was advocating against the building of an airport disappeared two years ago, and no one has seen him since. A farmer was killed because he refused to move from his land. Some activists have organized meetings to discuss and organize around environmental issues related to the project, but state officials came in and disrupted the meetings.

State officials warned them about questioning the project.

With activists fearing for their lives and safety, how did you get them to speak freely to you? And how did you verify the information they provided?

My organization is known for working in Lamu and we have worked with activists there for years. Even so, it took time to get them to speak out because some of them have been detained or threatened and are worried. I was keen to make sure their stories were heard.

Trends and impacts of China's FDI in Kenya

To verify information, we looked over reports that activists have made in our Nairobi office. We went to Lamu to speak to more people before going to government offices and police stations to check if the cases had been reported.

We checked files to verify dates and patterns.

We have a fully-fledged state corporation to ensure the project is achieved. But there are questions as to who benefited from these employment opportunities.

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The immediate first-level jobs available in LAPSSET require literacy and education, which are limited among community members and other nationals in the region.

Besides financing the megaproject, the government has had to deal with concerns about the environment and with compensation for owners of the land the roads and railway will pass through.

Lack of compensation for land owners and lack of community participation in the planning process also generated hostility towards the project. Lamu residents coalesced under the Save Lamu lobby in and took the Kenyan government to court. Nevertheless, initial scepticism has given way to hope that the project will boost local and regional economies.Should development happen at the expense of human rights?

CFDI practice what is known as "coopetition" simultaneous competition and cooperation with global players both at home and in the host country. It will be certified by the World Green Transport dominates the share of projects in East Africa after which Energy and Power feature strongly Building Council using either the Lead- ership in Energy and Environmental De- projects in East Africa after which Energy billion is East Africa's grand rail project sign or Green Star certification pro- and Power feature strongly.

Nevertheless, initial scepticism has given way to hope that the project will boost local and regional economies. At the onset, Kenya received financial assurances from foreign private investors.

No action was taken, so they had to keep going back to the office. In addition to the above the Government of Kenya and the Government of South Sudan, working together with the World Bank recently completed feasibility studies and detailed engineering designs for the Lokichar - Nadapal — Torit - Juba Road whose construction works will begin soon once finances are mobilised.

Also, about 5, fishermen are to receive mechanised fishing boats and fishing gear, while fish-processing industries will be established in Lamu.