Thiaoouba Prophecy. by: Michel Desmarquet / Tao Michel Desmarquet,. January, DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. download 1 file. Manninder Sekhon in agreement with the author, Michel Desmarquet. All .. speaking of me, believing correctly that I was the main purpose of their mission. of Michel Desmarquet mp3 on portable players; cellphones etc. rightclicking + save as for downloading: . here came Michel down the stair when he was taken away. .. of me, believing correctly that I was the main purpose of their mission.

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Michel Desmarquet, Dr Tom Chalko, All rights reserved . 'Our mission being to help when it was deemed necessary, we decided to change the course that history Thiaoouba Prophecy [surlongporetpia.ml] kb Download . Both the book by Michel Desmarquet, Thiaoouba Prophecy (free pdf, Six, Seven, Eight, each with his mission, each with his powers, http:// surlongporetpia.ml PDF OF THIS BOOK - file:///C:/Users/Luisa02/Downloads/surlongporetpia.ml Michel Desmarquet was taken to planet Thiaoouba for nine days by Human .. ' According to our mission, it was important that we impress as friendly.

A must visit! Alien medical teams from other realm cure humans at Healers-Mediums clinics. Patients feel strange sensations during the treatment and some even see and communicate with the Aliens medical team. Other countries also has Alien Clinics. ET medical activity, in addition to the positive medical results help to raise the public awareness and acceptance of Aliens existence This information is very similar to the wisdom offered by Bashar - another being from the same civilization.

However, each of these two beings focuses on emphasizing different "facets" of this civilization's "data-base" of accumulated Wisdom. Ronald S. ASH-KAR is a remarkable being existing in a 13th dimension, outside the standard 12 dimensions of our universe or "Grid Existence" , who broadcasts telepathically through a gravitational anomaly at the center of our galaxy. The reason for collecting all this channeled material is for the possibility that indeed these messages stem from Angels, 'Beings From the Stars' or as some claim from the consciousness of the stars or our planet themselves, and while we are listening to radiowaves in our SETI-projects we might completely miss the beauty and wisdom given to the minds of many people on this globe.

If there is truth in these messages then it should be made easily available for the interested reader, and that is what I have set out to do. James Gilliland - Mt. Mass Landings. A Message to Humanity. An Urgent Message to Humanity. If you think the world's in trouble now you aint' seen nothin' yet If you want to evolve, really evolve, to your highest potential as a spiritual being, you must become really human. There is an innate art to becoming human and collectively we are not cultivating that art.

We are allowing it to be neutralized without even knowing it. We look for conspiracies and aliens That's not evolution and it won't get us up the ladder to mass ascension. It will destroy us. Original Site. New Reactivated Site. There are valuable messages and things that Man can learn from these visitors and happenings Interview with photos. Karen Kimura -. Hermie's Farewell.

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And there were two others not from your present solar system, but from another universe. These were very important planets and representations existed there upon. They are known, for reference point, and you will understand at some point why two planets known as Sodomora and Gomorri. And these did come together in the alliance and the search began for the landmass that would hold the proper and correct atmosphere, conducive to these five races.

Indeed, and as the individual races would take up their mission, some for the seeking of landmass, others for the holding of very evolved technology, others for preparation of environmental studies and many other choices. Be Still. Be Calm. Be Honest. Be Mindful. Be Loving. Be True. Be Myself.

I feel so blessed to be able to make such a positive impact and give so much of my time and money to the causes I believe in. Things began to happen quickly. On the screen, appeared what could only have been the sun. At first, it seemed to touch the edge of the Earth or, more precisely, South America, as I later learned.

Again, I wondered if I could be dreaming. Second by second America was shrinking. Now the contours of the planet could be distinguished, and we seemed to move around the globe, to a position above the North Pole. There, we changed direction, drawing away from Earth at an incredible speed.

Our poor Earth became a basketball, then a billiard ball until it finally disappeared - or almost - from the screen. Instead, my vision was filled with the sombre blue of space. Only now are we travelling at full speed. But how many times? What about the light barrier? Not even your experts would believe it - it is, however, the truth. The precise speed of our spacecraft is one such detail. On the screen a coloured dot had appeared and was growing rapidly.

Its colours were wonderful - incomparable to anything I had ever seen on Earth.

There were yellows, reds, greens, blues, oranges - within each colour, an infinite range of nuances mingled, separated, grew stronger then weaker, creating the famous rings and confined within them It was an amazing spectacle, which filled more and more of our screen. Realising I was no longer restrained by the force field, I wanted to remove my mask so as to see the colours better, but Thao signalled that I should do nothing.

I believe it was at that moment I felt exalted, as I never had before. It hit me that I was in the process of living an extraordinary adventure - and why? I had asked for nothing and had never contemplated the possibility who would have dared? Thao got up.

It was only then, I noticed Thao no longer wore her helmet. We come from a planet bacteriologically different from Earth, which, for us, is a veritable culture medium. Thus, in order to contact you, I was obliged to take this basic precaution. You, yourself, were a danger to me but you are no longer. Indeed, we were able to anticipate your reaction. Then perhaps you felt a coolness in the air, similar to when an air conditioner is working; this was another form of disinfection by In this way, I have been disinfected one hundred per cent, but you still have enough bacteria to harm us considerably.

I swallowed them both, lifting the base of my helmet to do so.

Thao took me in her arms, put me on the bunk and removed my mask. I saw that happen from two or three metres from my body! I imagine that certain things in this book will seem incomprehensible to the unwarned reader, but I saw my body from a distance and I was able to move about in the room just by thought.

Thao spoke. Your Astral being has left your body. I know that this is the first time this has happened to you, and there are people who panic I have also given you another drug that has caused your Astral being to leave your body - this will last three hours, the time it will take to purify you. In this way, you will be able to visit our spacecraft, without danger of contamination to us and without wasting time.

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It was fascinating. She arrived in front of a panel that slid open to let us pass into one chamber after another. I was following at some distance and each time, if the panel had already closed by the time I reached it - I quite simply passed through it. Thao approached a group of four who were seated in enormous, comfortable looking armchairs, arranged in a circle. When she sat down in a vacant seat, the four heads turned towards her questioningly.

She almost seemed to take delight in making them wait: finally she spoke. I was again charmed to hear that language - the assonance was quite new to me, and the intonations so harmonious that one would have thought they were singing. I supposed they were speaking of me, believing correctly that I was the main purpose of their mission.

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When Thao stopped, the questions streamed forth, and two other astronauts joined the group. The discussion swelled and developed a tone of increased excitement.

Not understanding a word of what was being said, and having noticed on entering three people positioned in front of screens displaying 3-dimensional images, more or less vividly coloured, I approached to discover that this must certainly be the control room of the spacecraft. Being invisible made it even much more interesting since each person was performing her duties without being disturbed, or even distracted, by my presence.

On a screen bigger than the rest, I was able to discern dots - some larger than others and some brighter, which moved steadily and without interruption in their prescribed directions, several towards the left of the screen and others towards the right. Their speed increased as they grew on the screen and finally exited from it. Their colours were often brilliant and extraordinarily beautiful, ranging from subtle tones to a blinding yellow, like the light from our sun.

I soon realised that these were the planets and suns among which we were navigating, and I was absolutely fascinated by their silent progression across the screen. The effect was immediate.

The astronauts who had been talking with Thao, now approached the control post and each took a seat that seemed to be personally assigned to her. Right in the middle of these large monitors, I began to distinguish an enormous mass that is difficult to describe.

Let me say only that it was round in form and blue-grey in colour.

It remained immobile in the centre of each screen. In the room, all was silent. The general attention was focused on three astronauts in command of oblong-shaped pieces of equipment resembling in some ways, our computers. Suddenly, covering a huge area of what I believed was a wall of the cabin I was stupefied to see an image of New York - no!

My surprise was such I had to ask Thao, at whose side I was standing. I had forgotten however, that I was no longer in my physical body and no one could hear me. I was convinced though, that Thao had not lied to me and therefore we had well and truly left Earth behind. My mentor had explained we were travelling at several times the speed of light Thao spoke aloud and in French, which caused all heads to turn in her direction.

Everyone seemed preoccupied: each knew exactly what to do and when to do it. We were stationary. The large panel projected an image of the centre of a town.

The reader should understand that this large panel was in fact, no more than an immense television screen, projecting an image in relief so real, we could have been looking out the window of a tall building. On this panel I could see our spacecraft, as I had already seen it in our parallel universe.

As I watched, I was surprised to see, slightly below the middle of our vessel, a small sphere ejected, like an egg from a hen. Once outside, this sphere accelerated rapidly towards the planet below. As it disappeared from view, another sphere emerged in the same manner, and then a third. I noticed each sphere was being monitored on separate screens by different groups of astronauts. The descent of the spheres could now be easily followed on the large panel.

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Indeed, the effect of the zoom was so strong that the first sphere disappeared from the right of the panel and the second from the left. We could now only see the middle one and followed its descent to the ground quite clearly.

It stopped in the centre of an immense square, situated among apartment buildings. There it hovered, as though suspended several metres from the ground.

The other spheres were monitored in the same detail. One was above a river that flowed through the town, and the other hovered above a hill, near the city. Unexpectedly, the panel projected a new image. I could now distinctly see the doors of the apartment buildings, or rather, the doorways, for where doors should have been, were gaping openings. I remember clearly that, until then, I had not realised how odd this town wasI micjel rereading a book by Michel Desmarquet.

I had no desire at all to go back to sleep and besides, it was possibly already five in the morning. Of these ten, seven would be elected by the same process, and from the seven, an eventual Supreme Leader would emerge.

It also has descriptions of these creatures, their hierarchies and encounters, as additional preparation resources. Thiaoouba Prophecy Chinese Edition Jul 1, Michel Desmarquet is taken by extra-terrestials to the planet Thiaoouba on a mission to bring the people of earth the truth, told to Michel. These are some of the lessons presented by the Sirians 24 in total! She laughed heartily.