Author: Clavell James Deathlands 51 Rat King. Read more · Asian Saga 03 - King Rat · Read more · King Rat (Asian Saga - Book 4). Read more. Asian Saga 03 - King Rat · Read more Serpent War Saga, Book 3: Rage of a Demon King Clavell, James - Asian Saga 04 - Noble surlongporetpia.mlc. King Rat by James Clavell; 29 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Protected DAISY, In library, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Japanese Prisoners and prisons.

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Quick download ebook James Clavell's King Rat. for smartphone - Fresh Book. King Rat is a novel by James Clavell and the author's literary debut. Set during World War . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. James Clavell's King Rat [James Clavell] on surlongporetpia.ml *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 1 HARDCOVER BOOK WITH DUST COVER.

The two main characters of the novel are the men representing totally different approach to life: pragmatic and smart, self-made American named the King and Peter Marlowe, somewhat uptight English guy, well-educated and brought up in the family with military traditions.

Both in readers and other prisoners the King arouses mixed feelings. Disgust, sympathy, antipathy, open hostility and then again admiration. He just has a flair for organizing his life easier and seize any opportunity to gain some money and money will give him the rest.

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The food, medicaments, cigarettes and something less tangible: sense of power. Though set in particular time and place it's a fictional account but I think Clavell did fine work here not only showing animosities between ordinary soldiers and officers, confrontation between the King and other prisoners, especially rivetingly is shown conflict with provost marshall Grey, but also indicating different attitudes and class differences of three main national groups of prisoners: British, Australians and Americans.

King Rat is a clash of personalities, a display of cynicism, lack of scruples and ability to adjust to any situation in the camp. After telling Sutra about himself and gaining his trust, Marlowe asks the headman if there is an old radio in the village, and Sutra gives him a radio that is in perfect condition.

As they are heading back to the village the King notices the radio and becomes angry, telling Marlowe that a radio is the most dangerous thing a prisoner can have and demanding he get rid of it, but Marlowe refuses.

After the King calms down he talks Marlowe into only taking the part he needs and burying the rest of the radio, and the two sneak back into camp. The next night Mac uses the part Marlowe has brought him and is able to get the news from Calcutta, which they quickly spread through the camp by word of mouth.

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Several days later Mac hears over the radio that the war in Europe is over, and the news spreads quickly among the prisoners. Yoshima turns the camp inside out looking for a radio, but finds nothing.

Eve gives birth to another litter of rats, and the King sees that they will need more cages to hold the rats as they grow. A few nights later Shagata — the guard that the King and Cheng San agreed on as a go-between — tells the King that Cheng San has been arrested.

The King says that all they can do is stick to their original plan and that he will meet Shagata in a few days to show him the diamond and collect a portion of the money. Although the doctor tells him that it is just a flesh wound, the pain in his arm increases. Just before he and the King are to meet with Shagata, Marlowe sees the doctor again and is told that the arm has turned gangrenous and will have to come off soon.

When he meets the King he is almost delirious with pain and worry, but the King helps him pull himself together. Then, they go to meet Shagata. After the King has one of his men fetch the Australian POW who is selling the diamond and who has Timsen representing his interests Shagata inspects the stone and sees that it is genuine. He gives the King the down payment and then he and the Australian leave just as Lt. Grey, who has heard from his informer about the deal, shows up.

The King and Marlowe are able to get away, but quickly find that most of the camp seems to know about the deal and that there are squads of MPs and gangs of hijackers — some of whom are working for Timsen — after them, trying to steal the money.

That night Marlowe tries to go back to the jungle to get the money, but he passes out before he even reaches the wire and the King and one of his men carry him back to the American Hut.

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Timsen arrives a few hours later with antitoxin and administers the first injection to Marlowe himself, then says that he will need an injection every six hours for the next two days. He goes back to his own hut and falls asleep. When he wakes up it is dark, and he is just strong enough to go through the wire and get the money he buried, which he takes to the King.

For most, the chief concern is obtaining enough food to stay alive from day to day and avoiding disease or injury, since almost no medical care is available. Some are degraded and come close to losing their humanity, while others display levels of courage and compassion beyond expectations. Some literally steal food out the mouths of their comrades, while others give away what they have or take terrible risks to help their friends.

King Rat (Asian Saga - Book 4)

King decides he and his friends should breed rats to sell for food. His comrades, though nearly starving themselves, are repulsed at the idea of eating rat meat , so King comes up with the brilliant plan of only selling the meat to officers without telling them the true source. A group of officers who stole money from their underlings are later seen greedily enjoying a meal of "Rusa tikus" not knowing they are actually eating rat meat.

Grey ironically thanks King on the grounds that his hatred of King was the only thing keeping him alive; a P. At the end the rats are abandoned in their cages when the camp is liberated.

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The final scene shows the rats consuming each other one by one, with the final survivor becoming "king of the rats". Characters in "King Rat"[ edit ] The King — an American corporal; at the end of the novel he is sent back to the United States under an impending investigation for illegal profiteering in a prison camp and Marlowe never sees him again Peter Marlowe — the protagonist, a young British fighter pilot who later becomes an author; based on James Clavell Robin Grey — an older British officer Percy Smedley-Taylor - the Colonel officially in charge of the P.The time is World War II.

Of rats and men. Which I doubt. What will he have to change about himself?

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And he was pleased that the men called him the King. He heard it plop as it burst and he smelled the sick sweet stench of the blood it contained - his own blood.

When he wakes up it is dark, and he is just strong enough to go through the wire and get the money he buried, which he takes to the King. But he was pacified by the glory of the sizzling eggs.