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The Garden of Evening Mists A Novel (eBook): Tan, Twan Eng: Malaya, Yun Ling Teoh, the scarred lone survivor of a brutal Japanese wartime camp. “Shakkei” - the Art of Borrowed Scenery - is one of the main principles in. Japanese gardening. When designing a garden, the gardener will make use of the. The Garden of Evening Mists. Tan Twan Eng. Myrmidon Books. Hardback £ . Paperback £ Ebook £ Other novels by Tan Twan Eng. The Gift of.

He turns to me and says, "I wish you a long and peaceful retirement, Judge Teoh. He was not here when I arrived yesterday evening.

I study him, layering what I see over what I remember. He is a short, neat man, shorter than I recall, his head completely bald now. Our eyes meet. The day you left.

They live in Tanah Rata, cycling up the mountain road to Yugiri every morning. Four years ago.

by Tan Twan Eng

Yes, of course. So was I.

The name comes to me: Lady Templer Hospital. Aritomo left us.

Does the housekeeper judge me by the increasing number of years from the last time I was in this house, like a father scoring another notch on the kitchen wall to mark his child's growth? Ah Cheong's gaze fixes on a spot somewhere over my shoulder. In a gentler tone, I say, "I'm expecting a visitor at ten o'clock this morning. Professor Yoshikawa. Show him to the sitting room verandah. She managed to get herself assigned to the camp kitchen where she was able to sneak food out to Yun Hong and to the other women in the camp.

She was caught one day and an officer cut off two of her fingers.

Together, Ling and her sister mentally created a Japanese garden such as they'd seen during a visit to Japan. They used that as a means of escaping the cruelties of their lives.

Another officer, Tominaga Noburu, made Ling his personal interpreter after the previous interpreter died. The prisoners dug deep into the mountain and boxes of items were stored there.

Tominaga was kinder than most Japanese officers. When it became obvious that Japan was going to lose the war, Tominaga took Ling from the prison camp.

The Garden of Evening Mists Summary & Study Guide

He gave her food and water, then told her to follow the river to a town where she would find help. She refused to leave Yun Hong and returned to the camp but saw Tominaga blow up the face of the cave.

She then heard a series of explosions in the distance and knew that the prisoners were all dead. An aboriginal boy found Ling and helped her to safety, making her the only prisoner to survive the camp. Ling spent the next years working in the judicial system while Japanese officers were tried for their war crimes. The book is slow, especially the first half. I prefer describing it as 'quiet'.

There's not a lot of action happening but it still demands you pay attention, especially since Eng seems to love hinting at things rather than actually saying them. Yun Ling comes across as emotionally detached sometimes but I think it works in her favor. The way I see it, Yun Ling is someone who has been through so much that she no longer has the capability to be emotionally fazed.

Aritomo is an enigma. The more you know about him, the more unknown he becomes.

Garden of Evening Mists The

Eng has crafted a beautiful story, but if you read this expecting to find answers, you'll be disappointed. The ending is There are a few facts, a few hints, but no answers.

This is going to sound stupid, but I loved the unfinished ending. You see, every character in this book has had an unfulfilled life so it makes sense that the story would be unfulfilled as well.

Like Yun Ling realizes in the end, sometimes its better to cherish what you know than chase after things you don't know.

And I've finally figured out what made me so sad about that ending.But the Garden of Evening Mists is also a place of mystery.

The Japanese Occupation of Malaya: Flag for inappropriate content. Eng has crafted a beautiful story, but if you read this expecting to find answers, you'll be disappointed.

In the space between releasing the bowstring and the arrow hitting the target, I discovered a quiet place I could escape into, a slit in time in which I could hide. The Garden of Evening Mists is not a book with universal appeal, but I loved the feel of it.

Absent Presence: And is the real story of how Yun Ling managed to survive the war perhaps the darkest secret of all?